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2020 polls likely to be the best -Emmanuel Ashanti

The Chairperson of the Peace Council, Professor Emmanuel Asante, has stated that the upcoming December 7 elections is likely to be the best held in the country.

According to him, Ghana has already held seven successful elections in the past and despite the frosty relationship between the Electoral Commission and the opposition National Democratic Congress, the elections will not descend into chaos as feared by a section of the public.

“In terms of the EC, I think so far so good, they are doing a good job. They have had some issues but they have addressed the issues when people raise them…We will have a peaceful election, because I don’t foresee Ghana going to war…this election I can will be the best.”

Professor Asante also admonished the NDC to stop being suspicious of the EC and approach the commission with an open mind to ensure that the elections are held in a peaceful environment.

“I think It’s about time political parties understand what our constitution says and try and as much as possible try to cooperate with the EC and the EC should try as much as possible to be the referee.

“If there’s anything that we need to happy about and encourage the EC on is the transparency. Suspicions will always be there but I want to believe that the NDC and all parties along with the EC must come together and ensure that we have a free and fair election in this country. 

“This thing of mistrust in our politics that leads to conspiracy theories must be avoided…If for some reason someone has issues with A, B, or C that the EC is doing, has the person raised concerns at the IPAC meeting? Or must it be my way or everybody is wrong?”.

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