Mr. Kusi Boafo, a lecturer, social commentator and public servant has made it clear that greedy appointees wouldn’t be tolerated in the second-term of the Akuffo-Addo Administration.

Mr. Thomas Kusi Boafo, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Public Sector Reforms has commented strongly that the individuals who have been appointed to serve the people of Ghana will do so with great integrity.

The social commentator who made a name for himself on the popular radio show “Nyansap)” on OTEC FM (radio station in Kumasi) knows the length and breadth the NPP government went to before obtaining power in 2016 and 2020.

The Senior lecturer also reiterated that President Akuffo Addo comes from a rich culture of honest men whose primary purpose is to serve their fellow man and ensure they take people from a life of struggle to a state of comfort.

Popularly termed as the Dankwa, Busia and Donbo Tradition, every individual should be able to build an independent business and use the proceeds of the private business they have created to enrich themselves and not the money which must be used to serve the populace.

There are several individuals across the major opposition party lines that are of the opinion that the NPP government has too many traits of “nepotism” and “ethnocentrism” and Mr. Boafo’s kind statements could not come at a happy time when the party is dealing with a petition by the opposition NDC with regards to the outcome of the 2020 General Elections.

As citizens of Ghana, corruption is one of the primed issues which are always discussed on every political show.

So far, no administration has been able to put appropriate measures to eradicate it.

We can only hope that the second term of the Akuffo-Addo administration would be able to reduce corruption to the barest minimum and hold corrupt officials accountable for embezzling state funds.




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