Actress Emelia Brobbey did an interview on Kastle FM which was monitored by THE PUNCH GHANA and the insights she shared were extremely invaluable towards the course of addressing cyber bullying in all forms.

The actress fumed at people who insult other people on their handles (social media), “it is extremely difficult to take as you are human being filled with emotions.”

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it since it’s a virtual world and you cannot respond to everyone individually or track people’s internet protocol (IP) address and open up an investigation against them.

This does not only happen to celebrities or people in the sports and entertainment industry, it happens to regular people when you comment on social issues and people do not totally agree with you.

The actress then carried on that when it comes to her Instagram handle where she has done extremely well in amassing close to 3 million followers, any individual who insults her is going to get a straight reply which may surprise them.

Even if she chooses to take the high road and not reply, she will delete or block you and this is the part she should take. Come to think of it, why would you follow someone and in the end troll that person?

Social media companies must take actions against the use of certain words in their respective software.

Many black footballers have suffered horribly at the hands of racists and supremacists when their performance isn’t great and this should in no way be tolerated.

The actress responded well and taking the high road of ignoring such comments and blocking them if there is a feature which allows that is the right way to curb online insults and bullying.



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