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What does waist beads really do for girls

Beads  are worn to commemorate female identity, sexual orientation, feminism, conception, healing, spirituality, shape, security, and riches. Sexual Attraction: It is said that a lady wearing waist pearls is sexually alluring to males. Most African males adore seeing their spouses dressed in beads.Midsection beads can be worn to help lose some weight or preserve an abdominal size and shape. West African women have traditionally wear waist beads to maintain their physiques in shape, and this tradition is still followed by women today because it has proven to be an effective method for measuring weight loss and gain.

Colours of waist beads and their meaning

Blue waist beads represent fidelity and integrity, black waist beads represent power and safety, and pink waist beads symbolize compassion, attractiveness, love, and generosity. White beads represent brightness and honesty. Green waist beads signify plenty, nature, and success, while red waist beads represent courage and vitality.Many folks assume that waist beads contain therapeutic and protecting properties that keep evil at bay,assisting women become more conscious of their waistlines and bellies.

How can one use beads for weightloss?

Because you will be wearing the beaded crystals continually during your weight reduction attempts, the string should be sturdy enough not to pop and flexible enough to allow your mobility. Once you’ve found or made waist beads that you like, bind them above your lower abdomen.

Proper way of putting on beads

Put your waist beads above your lower abdomen so you can see when they fall down near your hips to track your reduced weight.Your beads should sufficiently fit you and you should feel free in whatever you do without any hindrance .

Can i bath with my waist beads on?

Bathing, showering, swimming, exercising, and engaging in sexual activity with traditional African waist beads tied on cotton thread is entirely acceptable. They get to be an intimate extension of you once properly fastened on, and you do it all in them. But don’t strain on them when sliding your pants down while using the restroom.



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