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Cardi B urged women to also buy gift to their men on Valentines’ day.

American rapper Cardi B has urged women all over the world to also gift their men on this Valentine’s Day.

Rapper Cardi B is known for always starting a bit of controversy and this time the rapper used social media to give the ladies some relationship advice.

The 28-year-old, who by the way loves to give expensive gifts to her partner, mentioned that men deserve cheaper gifts than what they give their partners.

“Yes. Men do deserve to get gifts as well for Valentine’s Day but the gift has to be less expensive than the girl’s gift,” said Cardi B.

According to the mother of one, if a man got a woman flowers, she should return the favour by getting him grass. 

Recently, the WAP song maker gifted her husband Offset an expensive car. She usually gives expensive presents that leave women on the timeline envious. From luxury cars to Birkin bags and any other designed product or brand. 

The recent Valentine’s Day gifting advice left social media users around the world with mixed reactions. Some agreed with her and others were not so sure

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