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UG@75 Inter-Halls :How City Campus will expose International Students Hostel Today

The Accra City Campus of the university of Ghana  have recorded their first win in the ungoing Interhall football tournament after escaping a narrow victory against James Topp Nelson Yankah Hall.Last year was a bad year as city campus were eliminated in the early stages in the competition.This year they are tipped as  the favourites .

Having lost their group B opener to Hilla Limann on a 2-0 defeat and havind suffered a red card,technical team of the citizens went back to the drawing board to correct all tactical errors in the game .Match day 2 resumed for the citizens againt james topp Yankah who were more defensive minded ,with more pace and agility secured their first ever win in four matches.

Coach Namoaley with his technical team has what it takes to beat a hall like the int`l student hostel.He understands the game very well and his ability to study his opponents .

However the cityzens will miss the services of the likes of the more versatile   Patrick with his tactical awareness both in and out of  possesion ,  transition on the field of play and his ability to give some key precise passes  which will expose the defence of any side and  to create more scoring opportunities for the forward men. He can sustain the arm injury but Coach Namoaley is yet to give reasons .

City campus is more likely to face one of the strongest sides of the competition commonwealth hall in the quarterfinals of the ongoing tournament if they qualify out of the groupstage.The likes of stunner at the defence will keep the backline closely packed to avoid more scoring opportunities.

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