Popular Comedian Funny Face has been in the news in the second week of February 2021 for all the wrong reasons. He was arrested in the capital Accra, for firing several shots at a local bar.

Ghana is one of the countries in Africa which is known for its peaceful transition of power in a democratic system which many African countries have struggled to embrace.

Yet still, there are several incidents which have been happening in the country which needs to be addressed thoroughly.

Ghana is a black African state which should not give in to legal possession of hand or range guns. Guns should be reserved for the use of security officials such as police and military.

There are several cases whereby people who been shot and the law enforcement organizations (police) are still searching for the perpetrators which unfortunately they may never capture.

This is not to downplay the efforts of the authorities but the country lacks the proper tools and equipment as well as the expert human resource to be able to get into the mind of the killers and track them down.

What if the comedian Funny Face is going through a problem which begs the expertise of a counselor (social worker or therapists) and having access to a gun could have seen him shoot an innocent person which would have changed his fate and the life of the relatives of the person he had problems with.

Our law enforcement officials and the country as a whole should bar the possession of all forms of weapons (whether for recreational activities or personal protection).

There have been numerous cases abroad where children have shot their parents, siblings and friends because they thought the weapon was a “toy gun” or an “unloaded one” which they were just playing with and it changed everything. Life lost can never be regained.

As citizens, we wish him well and hope he will go through the rehabilitation process without incident and recovery fully to be able to carry on with his profession of entertaining people for a living.


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