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Covid-19 is taken serious only if a prominent Ghanaian dies -Manasseh Azure.

Ghanaian investigative journalist Manasseh Awuni Azure has said that the deadly coronavirus is only taken serious if prominent people in the country succumbed to it.

According the investigative journalist, a lot of people who were infected died of complications of the virus without knowing their status.

He however stressed that the Akosombo International School in the Eastern Region has conducted several tests on its students and staffs whilst other schools which the investigative journalist described as “Chorkor Cluster” are far left behind when it comes to testing.

Ghana’s coronavirus active case as of February 12, stands at 6,948 with 494 total deaths recorded.

COVID-19 I only taken seriously whenever prominent people die. The ‘mmobrowa’ die without knowing their status. Akosombo Int. tests massively, not ‘Chorkor Cluster’ of schools”


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