Congo is among the richest countries in the world when measuring countries as per its mineral resources. Despite this, the country lags behind in terms of development and do not contribute much in terms of discussion as to where the future of Africa is heading.

On Sunday, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) made news on this story which was keenly followed further by THE PUNCH GHANA. At least 60 people have drowned, as much as 200 people are unaccounted for and a whopping 300 people have been rescued.

In DR. Congo and several central African countries, road infrastructure has been a headache which has always prevented citizens from moving from one destination to another.

According to the accounts of local residents, the boat was overloaded and hit a huge rock. To make it worse, they were traveling without any light as it was night where travelers can go against authorities and move from one place to another to see family members, acquaintances and go about their regular business activities.

The boat was heading to Mbandaka City from the capital Kinshasa and had to cover more than 435 miles (700km) when it capsized at Longola Ekoti (a village in the province of Mai-Ndombe).

This is not the first time boats have capsized in DR. Congo and people have lost their lives. It seems the leaders are not putting in appropriate measures and efforts to develop the country’s road infrastructure. In April 2020, more than 167 people lost their lives in two boat accidents on Lake Kivu.

President Tshisekedi at the time of the two boat accidents made it mandatory for travelers to wear life jackets but more can be done to prevent such avoidable loss of human lives.

Should the authorities of DR. Congo always wait for something to happen before they can take decisions?

Congo is one of the wealthiest countries in the world (taken mineral resources) into consideration. If the resources are managed well, inhabitants will resort to traveling by motor vehicles (road) which will go a long way to save the lives of the human resource who contribute their quota to national development.




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