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Duffuor starts his candidacy for the NDC flagbearer position.

Dr. Kwabena Duffuor, a potential candidate for the  (NDC) flag, launched his campaign by paying a visit to the party’s Greater Accra Regional assembly.The purpose of the visit was to ask the regional executives for permission to go on a regional tour to meet with party delegates in the area to discuss his goals and strategy.

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The former finance minister and Bank of Ghana Govenor claimed that despite continuously advancing the party’s goals, the party’s grassroots had been ignored over time. Hence, in order to prevail in the presidential election in 2024, he promised to strengthen the grassroots via his Ahotor project, an enabling policy initiative that would provide work possibilities for the youth .

Dr. Duffuor promised to establish a pension plan for party veterans who had devotedly served the NDC throughout the years. That, in his opinion, would inspire their kids to join the party and take on the responsibility of upholding Ghanaians’ desires and goals. In places without effective party institutions, Dr. Duffuor promised to establish suitable regional and constituency offices. While he traveled the nation, he expressed his sadness over the fact that his party held meetings in schools and chapels while the opposition held them in offices. “We are greater than them, therefore that should not be the case,” he stated.


Mr. Moore claimed that the Greater Accra region was important as it would establish the groundwork for healthy competition amongst candidates. The party’s objective, he said, was to increase votes there. Since the results of the interior elections might be leveraged against the party in the general election, he advised all candidates to run a strong campaign free of insults and defamation.

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The visit, according to Mr. Chaie, demonstrated that the Duffuor campaign was aware of the national party bureaucracy and organizational systems.

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