After 45-years, the government of Ghana under the Akuffo-Addo/Bawumia administration has decided to tear Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital’s Maternity Block down with a new one to be erected soon.

This has caused some forms of outrage in the country since pictures of the building do not really show any sign of weakness to serve its purpose of a maternity block.

Although citizens are not certified engineers, we all have an eye for quality and we can see a building which is not that strong with our naked eye.

In 45 years, the building has been able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and it’s much older than more than half of the current generation, so why can’t it renovated?

When you take a keen look at the building, even if it cannot meet the expectations of healthcare providers in giving care to patients, it can serve other purposes which wouldn’t bring extreme pressure to the building.

There are many individuals who live in buildings in Ghana and around the world which falls into the ages of 60 and 150 years, but those buildings have been strong enough to survive thousands of people year in and year out.

After the building is demolished, 155 million euros has been obtained as funding to build a new one. If the building could be renovated using current technology, a huge chunk of such a sum could be saved and invested into other projects.

As football fans, we have seen Udinese Football Club (Italy) and Real Sociedad (Spain) which played their matches in Olympic stadiums (tracks and field) convert their stadiums into just fields by using modern technology to remove the tracks without tearing down the whole stadium.

United Progressive Party (UPP) founder, Mr. Akwasi Addae, popularly known as Odike has voiced out strongly when appearing on a radio show in Kumasi with regards to the state of the building, he said “I don’t agree a bit with officials and the government today, tomorrow, or any day that the forty-five-year-old structure is weak.”

Whatever happens, modern technology can save the huge investments which were made into the building 45-years old.

A building of such nature can even be converted into apartments for tertiary education students who are in the healthcare colleges and departments and save parents huge sums of money which is being thrown away in rent year in and year out.



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