Traditional media and social media has only one news trending, the appointment of Honourable Hawa Koomson to lead the Fisheries and Acquaculture Ministry.

Several people have weighed into the subject across television, radio and social media and Kwaku Azar is the new name to join the discussion.

He posted on his Facebook page that he doubts the Minister-Designate has the competency to carry on the responsibilities which comes with the role of Fisheries Minister.

“Her appointment raises doubts as to whether she can lead the ministry to formulate a coherent policy on acquacutlure”, he added.

Earlier on, ace Journalist Manasseh Azure also commented on the subject as to whether President Akuffo-Addo will hire the Minister-Designate to manage his Fishing Company.

Ghana needs to move from a lower middle income country to a middle income country and this can only be achieved with people who are knowledgeable and have the expertise in leading certain sectors.

Honourable Hawa Koomson is competent for other roles but it seems Fishing is something she is trying to learn and as a government which is dealing with several issues, plug and play appointees are what is needed and not people who will learn along the way.





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