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Best diet advice for runners.

Over the last 13 years, U.S. News & World Report has assembled a panel of dozens of health and nutrition experts to assist rate popular diets in a variety of areas. This year, in addition to best overall, best for heart health, best for weight reduction, and other categories, their annual best diets study added two new categories: best diets for bone and joint health and best family-friendly diets. The Mediterranean diet won or rated near the top of every category, and the DASH diet, flexitarian diet, and MIND diet also performed admirably.

So what about the ideal diet for runners? While that isn’t a category (yet), we turned to our own panel of experts to help us establish what attributes are—and aren’t—included in the best foods for runners. Continue reading to learn about the essential aspects of a balanced eating plan and how to tell if your diet is helping you or hurting you.

The greatest eating plan is the one that best matches your lifestyle. Seek for an eating pattern that you can stick to in the long run, advises Julie Upton, RD, a nutrition expert and co-founder of the nutrition news website Appetite for Health in San Francisco.

Before embarking on a new approach, consider the following:

Is this compatible with my health nutritional requirements?
Is this consistent with my morals and ethical standards?
Can I discover strategies to keep to this plan that are appealing to my tastes and cultural preferences?
Is this a complete list of carbs, protein, and good fats?
Is this eating pattern feasible given my financial situation, access to goods, and travel plans?
Can I incorporate this into my household’s lifestyle if I don’t live alone?
Do I have the culinary skills and time to commit to this strategy in the long run?

First and foremost, food is meant to nourish, so your diet program should make you feel satiated and invigorated. My top dietary decisions ensures that your body gets all of the vital nutrients it requires while still allowing for some enjoyment within an extremely balanced eating regimen. “Keep in mind that while runners are disciplined, they are not robots,” Largeman-Roth explains.

While some people start jogging to lose weight, “trying to workout while cutting calories does not constitute a prescription for success,” says one expert. Largeman-Roth goes on.

Lastly, consider the following basic suggestions when considering healthy eating in a more holistic manner:

Minimize your intake of ultra-processed meals.
Consume plenty of fiber, fruits, and veggies.
Avoid any diets that need specialised items or branded snacks or meals.
Eat sufficient calories to power performance and maintain energy levels.
Incorporate a combination of all three macronutrients: fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

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