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Iran has installed civil defense systems in 51 cities.

A senior defense official said on Saturday that Iran has installed civil defense systems in 51 of its cities and villages to fend off potential foreign attacks as tensions with Israel and the United States have increased.
According to deputy defense minister General Mehdi Farahi, the civil defense technology enables Iran’s military forces to “detect and monitor threats by employing round-the-clock software according to the type of the threat and risk.”

The complexity of fights has increased in recent years, according to Farahi, who also noted that hybrid types of warfare, such as cyber, biological, and radiological attacks, have supplanted traditional wars.
He avoided mentioning the nations that might pose a threat to Iran.

Iran has charged Israel and the US with carrying out cyberattacks that have damaged the nation’s infrastructure in recent years. Iran has also charged Israel with sabotaging its nuclear facilities, but neither country has admitted or disputed this.
The region has long been plagued by military tensions between the US and Iran. Even as both nations seek nuclear discussions, the most recent episode saw Iran detain US military sail drones in the Red Sea earlier this week.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ attempt to seize an unmanned surface ship controlled by the US 5th Fleet in the Gulf, according to the US Navy, was thwarted on Tuesday. Iran said that the drone posed a risk to marine commerce.

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