The hottest topic on almost all discussion boards this week revolves round Finance Minister Kennedy Ofori-Atta traveling to the United States to seek medical assistance for complications from COVID-19.

Regular citizens and members of the major opposition party NDC have raised questions as to why public officials travel abroad for medication using tax payer’s money when the same tax payers do not have access to the necessary health infrastructure to heal mild ailments.

One of the prominent members of the New Patriotic Patry (NPP), Mr. Fadi Dabbousi has voiced out his opinion condemning several individuals who feel Mr. Ofori-Atta went abroad with the support of state funds.

Excerpts of the statement Mr. Dabbousi made are “Truth is that this man does not even use a state vehicle to work. I am very sure most of the expenses related to the treatment of his ailment will undoubtedly come from his own pocket too.”

Mr. Dabbousi further added that several individuals and groups in the country are quick to pass judgment on others without having any real evidence to back their claims.

To him, people just want to make news and keep the discussion hot when there are other equally important matters arising which need the attention of the media and various decision makers.

Mr. Dabbousi may be right but the people of Ghana has a right to ask questions as to why several politicians get the chance to travel abroad when their health is failing them.

What is the use of the numerous physicians we have in the country? What is the use of several healthcare infrastructures in the country which should deliver care?

Going forward, the country must invest in research and development to help local physicians get the needed specialty to treat all manner of persons in the country no matter the severity or uniqueness of the illness.





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