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Kwesi Pratt fears COVID-19 maybe the beginning of human extinction.

Coronavirus is today the most talked about issue across the world as millions have been infected by the viral disease and millions also dead worldwide.

This life-threatening disease is one that many scientists have been racking their brains to find a lasting solution to but due to its mutation tendencies, the disease has become a conundrum for the health experts.

However, there is hope as vaccines have been developed to curb the disease and already some countries have begun administering the vaccines to their populace.

But there are some conspiracy theories and controversies over the vaccines and even the disease – Coronavirus.

Some people believe the disease is man-made while others say the vaccines are meant to wipe out the African population. There are others who also claim the vaccine will cause other health complications for the recipients.

One of the main activists of Coronavirus being man-made to kill people is the General Overseer of the Loveworld Church, formerly called Christ Embassy. He holds a strong belief that the Coronavirus and its vaccines are all for some ulterior motives of those he claims created it.

There are many rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding the disease.

Seasoned Journalist, Kwesi Pratt also pointed out one of the theories.

Mr. Pratt fears the disease might be the beginning of the extinction of the human species.

Speaking on Peace FM’s “Kokrokoo” programme, he said; ”When you look at the history of the Universe, there once lived dinosaurs but there are no dinosaurs anywhere in the world today. Why? Species can become extinct. Species can be wiped away.”

He asked that people’s concerns about the disease and the vaccines should not be outrightly ignored but rather ”we must be careful because maybe this is the beginning of the extinction of the human species and if that is so, then we have a lot of job to do”.

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