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World’sTallest man recieves treatment kind courtesy Mcdan

The young guy from Ghana’s northern region rose to prominence last year when headlines about his stature spurred conjecture that he would be the world’s tallest man.
“The specialists stated the overgrowth is in my skull, therefore I require operation to stop it,” Samed wept in a Citi TV storyThe young man went on to say that he is also experiencing  persistent aches in his spinal cord, which he attributes to his unusual height.

In addition to the health disorders linked with his height, Samed lamented the fact that he must use at least 14 yards of fabric to sew a single garment for himself, which has financial repercussions for him. He discussed how his mobile money venture, which was a source of revenue for him, had flopped owing to serious debt.With a wrap placed over his left leg, he is suffering persistent sores. There is also a noticeable cut on the right leg, as well as other medical problems.

Mcdan’s help

Fortunately, McDan kindly promised to sponsor Samed’s treatment and help him pursue a worthwhile existence.Fortunately, McDan has promised to sponsor Samed’s therapy and help him live a meaningful life.
According to him, his staff in Ghana’s north of the country alerted him about the young man’s circumstance.“They called me that Awuche has a problem and his problem is lingering. So I quickly called Kelvin, my foundation team and Carlos to pay him a visit and see what we can do for him,” he told JoyNews.How Yoga strengthens and stretches body and mind.

Awuche is now receiving ultrasound scans.”Dr Bulley is one orthopaedic surgeon on the planet and we are lucky to have him here  in Ghana. I brought Awuche to the greatest surgeon I could find to assess his predicament. Using a specialist like Dr. Bulley is costly, but the outcomes are what we desire,” McDan

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explained.A BBC reporter measured Samed last year and discovered he was 7ft 4in tall. Perhaps, with the assistance that has been provided to him, the young guy will be able to enjoy his future.



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