Mr. Vincent Ekow Assafuah as part of his resolutions for the New Year has achieved one of his primary objectives of becoming an MP which is to help reduce the number of unemployment individuals in his constituency, more especially, women.

He posted news content on his Facebook Page which was closely monitored by THE PUNCH GHANA which goes “As part of my efforts to empower the women in the Old Tafo Constituency, I donated sewing machines and hair dryers as a form of a startup package to some women in the constituency.”

Women are very delicate and need employment opportunities to be able to make up for numerous household expenses since most of them are the heads of their respective families.

Mr. Assafuah has recognized that businesses have corporate social responsibility (CSR) but individuals who are in positions or have certain titles as part of their responsibility to the inhabitants of their constituency needs to take certain actions. These actions go a long way to lessen the number of people who sit at home with no future to look forward to. Most women as a result of unemployment engage in unqualified sexual activities which lead to unwanted pregnancies and unwanted children.

In the same Facebook post, he further reiterated that “when our women are financially empowered, our households will equally be financially empowered.”

The citizenry is extremely grateful to the current MP for Old Tafo and will like to see more of such gestures from other MPs in other constituencies.

Unemployment has become an issue in the country and can gradually be limited if many individuals receive hands-on training which would reward them with a decent income at the end of the month.

Citizens of Old Tafo are extremely grateful to the MP although it’s a part of his professional responsibilities and know that more of such tools and equipment would be coming into the constituency to help the community progress to heights it never imagined before.





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