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My church prayed for me to fail- Eno Barony says.

Ghana’s finest female rapper, Eno Barony has revealed how her church members delved into the spiritual realm to pray against her progress in the music industry when then they discovered the path she has charted. 

According to her, her church prayed against her expertise after viewing her photo and the new trade she was involved in because they thought it was not from God. 

In their estimations, she was born to be a preacher and not to do anything else hence they developed a scheme to thwart her music career when news went round that she was musician, a rapper for that matter. 

She recalled that they hang her photo in the church and prayed that neither her music nor anything else should be successful for me.

She said, “We’re great, albeit it wasn’t easy in the beginning,” when questioned about her relationship with her father.

The hardcore rhymer further revealed the hard decision she took just to make sure her music career thrived.

“I first tried to hide it,” she said. Because I’m on TV and everywhere, it became a problem, and I disguised it until I couldn’t hide it any more. From home, I had to flee.

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