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NDC should head to international court – Mensah Thompson.

The Executive Director of ASEPA Ghana, Mensah Thompson has urged the NDC to go to international court.

According to Mr. Thompson, the opposition of New Democratic Congress must head to International courts for intervention.

His comment came after the apex court of Ghana dismissed the petitioner’s request to access some documents in possession of the Electoral Commission.

The Supreme Court on the February 3, 2021 dismissed the petitioner’s application to access some documents making a total of six applications of the petitioner being dismissed.

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Yesterday another application by the petitioner to inspect some documents key documents of the first respondent was unanimously dismissed!
That takes to 6 the number of applications filed by the petitioner in this case that have unanimously been dismissed.
Now the worry or trouble is not because of the dismissal of this instant application, the trouble is how balanced the Court is.
The composition of the bench is as important in the enforcement of the fundamental rights to a fair trial and in every jurisdiction Supreme Court Justices have different leanings…
Some are conservatives, others liberal, others right wings and left wings…and these are not secrets.
Every Judge on the US Supreme Court bench has a leaning and it’s known to the public even before their appointment to the bench.
Now for 6 different applications by the petitioner, all requiring the Court to exercise its discretionary powers to be unanimously dismissed, tells you that the composition of the bench alone was not cut out for a fair trial.
In effect what the Court is saying is that in terms of exercising its discretionary powers, the petitioner should forget it, none of such powers would be exercised in his favor.
(Is there any clearer meaning of bias?)
Well, what the petitioner may have achieved through the 6 applications even though they were thrown out was to demonstrate to the whole world that the bench is unacceptably biased towards the respondents.
Especially when all dismissals have been unanimous without a single dissent in all instances.
This perhaps should be the basis why the petitioner should seek redress in the international court when EVENTUALLY their case gets dismissed!
(eventually underlined..)
As for the Chief Justice, his refusal to recuse himself from the bench even though he swore in the second respondent after the fraudulent elections which is currently being challenged in court for which he is the presiding judge speaks silent volumes.
Article 284 talks about public officers in the discharge of their duties to avoid putting themselves in situations where they may be conflicted or their private interests may conflict with the public’s interest.
Need I give you any more reasons why Justice Anim Yeboah shouldn’t be part of the panel hearing this case?
And oh, one of the key ingredients for seeking redress at the international court is the condition/proof that there was no way you could have gotten justice in your domestic courts and I am confident that such conditions are very ripe in this instance!
Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA


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