The development of Northern Ghana has become a problem for several decades. Many Southerners believe the only way the area will see development is through its people in government.

Unfortunately, there have been several governments across a 28-year period after the 1992 constitution and yet still, we talk about seeing Northern Ghana progress.

A very important representative of the Northern Area, Baba Salifu Atamale Lemyaarum, Paramount Chief of Bongo has contributed to the discussion and his position of the matter is extremely warm and interesting.

According to the Chief, what is preventing Northerners from climbing up the development ladder is the lack of unity. For years, there have been fights among various ethnic groups which have led to several innocent lives lost. Those lives could’ve been extremely helpful in helping the community progress.

The Paramount Chief of the Bongo Traditional Area spoke on A1 Radio (radio station based in Bolgatanga) which was monitored by THE PUNCH GHANA on Friday, February 19 and added that several governments have failed Northerners in the quest for development but the blame cannot always be by others.

Sometimes you need to look into your own household before you pass judgment on others.

“I believe the time has come for us to see ourselves as one people and not people from diverse ethnic groups. We should not quarrel over all issues which will see us divided and developmental projects which would brighten our future get taken away from us”.

As regular citizens, the development of Northern Ghana bothers us. The fact of the matter is that when Northerners travel to the South, they choose to settle and go back only to bring their relatives to Southern Ghana, thereby forgetting about what will happen to the area in terms of community development and progress.


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