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Prescribing suit at court is backward thinking- Manasseh Awuni.

Renowned investigative journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni has said that for a judge to prescribe suit to a witness in court is very disturbing and backward thinking.

Mr Awuni’s comment came after a Supreme Court judge during the election petition hearing, told Dr. Kpessa Whyte who is a witness to former President Mahama to wear suit to court.

According the award-winning investigative journalist, the Supreme Court has the right to tell anybody who dress shabbily in court to dress well but not to prescribe suit to the person, an act he described as backward thinking.

If you appear before the court with sagging trousers or dressed in a manner that hurts the sensibilities of the reasonable person, the court has the right to tell you to dress properly. But to prescribe a suit is disturbing. It’s backward thinking. Why not a smock or an African print? What is in a suit?


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