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Prof. Gyampo reveals why Prof. Ocquaye lost the speakership.

Political Science lecturer at the University of Ghana Department of Political Science and resourceful social commentator, Prof. Ransford Yaw Gyampo has revealed a reason why Prof. Mike Ocquaye has lost the speakership race to Hon. Alban Bagbin.

In the late morning of Thursday, January 7, 2021, former Member of Parliament for Nadoli-Kaleo Constituency, Hon. Alban Bagbin was elected speaker of the 8th Parliament after beating his opponent, Prof. Mike Ocquaye who was the speaker of the 7th parliamentary with just two votes.

The defeat suffered by the former speaker of Parliament resulted into blames games within the NPP. Many sympathizers of the party believe there are NPP MP who betrayed the party.

Speaking on Prof. Ocquaye’s defeat to his NDC opponent, Prof. Gyampo said the defeat of the former speaker was inevitable as he was imposed on the NPP lawmakers.

According to Gyampo, the former speaker had served his four year term “clearly” and deserves not to be made to serve another term as speaker of the 8th parliament which has 137 lawmakers each on both sides of the house and an independent member.

“U went to impose a speaker nominee who had clearly served his term on your MPs, and now you are complaining about traitors,” he wrote in a social media post sighted by GhanaVanguard.com.

Prof. Gyampo further continued that the NPP lost many Parliamentary seats to the NDC due to imposition of some of their candidates on constituents. This, according to the political scientist, should have been a lesson to the party.

“U imposed parliamentary candidates on constituents and the results were telling. But you didn’t learn,” he added.

Source: http://ghanavanguard.com

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