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Rawlings’ revolution paved way for development – former minister.

John Tia, a former Member of Parliament(MP) for the Talensi Constituency in the Upper East Region who also served as minister for information says Rawlings’ revolution was good for Ghana’s development.

According to him, the revolution by Rawlings brought about several drastic changes which would not have seen the light of day in Ghana.

The former Minister was speaking in an interview with Bolgatanga-based Dreamz FM which was restreamed by

He said “Ghana’s situation would have been worse if that intervention hadn’t come. The revolution ensured equity and fairness in every aspect of our lives. The revolution brought about the 1992 constitution”.

When probed to prove how a revolution brought about equity and fairness, he said “there was this situation where even to gain admission to school, gain employment and other things, you needed to just know somebody. At that time, me and some others like me, if you didn’t pass the exams you have noway to go to school. Apart from the poverty that was everywhere which prevented a lot of families from sending their children to schools, the revolution came and ensured that these things didn’t exist. You go and write your exams, you pass you have the opportunity”.

He continued ” you are here and you know, it was the revolution which said that look Upper East any remote part of this country deserves the Akosombo light. It was the revolution otherwise we would have been backward. Those who were leading us at the time said the economy could not contain the expansion of electricity at the time but the leader of the revolution said this is a national cake we must all take it

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