The former Minister for Employment and Labour Relations and current Minister-Designate for the same role appeared in front of the Appointments Committee on Wednesday February 17 and claimed the government has been able to provide 3.8 million jobs.

Not too surprising as we are used to as citizens, he couldn’t provide the appropriate documentation to back his claims.

As we have seen too well in Ghana, persons appointed for positions by the President always go through the vetting process successfully and carry on the roles which come with the position they have been assigned.

The problem is the Minister-Designate worked in the first Nana Addo/Bawumia administration from 2017-2021, in a position where he was in charge of all labour matters. So why couldn’t he provide the necessary names, private and public corporations which have employed the said number of people.

If there are millions of people who are still unemployed, why should he be nominated to carry on with the same position?

What guarantee do we have as graduates who are ready to work that we would find employment now, when he couldn’t reduce the number in his first tenure?

How will he be able to eradicate the unemployment crisis in the country when the whole labour department failed to do so in the last four years?

There are many questions which need to be raised by citizens of Ghana. Four (4) years is a long time. People who are 16 will turn 20, those who are 26 will turn 30 and those who are 36 will turn 40.

As a collective unit, we must be able to hold our representatives in governments (whether NDC or NPP) accountable for the roles they hold and the objectives they do not meet.

There are no 3.8 million jobs and if there is no proper documentation to back such claims up as has happened in many administrations, then the country’s economic problems are only going to worsen since you need the output of every human resource to move up in the numbers with regard to GDP.





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