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Some communicators of NDC are the party’s problem – NDC activist.

Controversial activist of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dela Coffie has revealed clearly that one main problem facing the NDC is the behaviors of some of its communication team members.

Dela Coffie who was part of the late former president Rawlings’ camp till his sudden demise on November 12 last year made this comment in reaction to praises that are being heaped on former president Mahama by NDC social media communicators for bowing before president Akufo Addo to exchange greetings during the final funeral rites of the late president Rawlings.

He said, just because Rawlings bowed whiles exchanging pleasantries with president Akufo Addo; he was subjected to heavy attacks and badmouthing by persons he claimed have benefitted from his [Rawlings] sufferings.

According to the NDC activist, when the late ex president showed same gesture to president Akufo Addo last year, he was badmouthed by the NDC guys with some of them saying he did that so he could win some favors from the president.

The differences in reaction to the humble gesture made by Rawlings to Akufo Addo months ago and that of former president Mahama just yesterday, January 27 is what seems to not be well with Dela Coffie.

Not long ago, chairman Rawlings came under heavy attack from the assigns of people who have fed and grown fat on his toils, over this symbolic gesture towards President Akufo-Addo. They claimed at the time that he bowed to the president for favors.

Today, they’re singing a new tune to the same gesture from John Mahama,” he stated.

“These guys have always been the problem. They represent the biggest problem of the party,” he noted

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