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Some Public officials gather more wealth in four years than Rawlings in 19 years- Manasseh Azure.

Ghana’s controversial multiple award winning investigative journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni has said that there are dozens of public officials in the country who accumulated more wealth in just four years than late former President Jerry John Rawlings in his nineteen (19) years of rule.

According to Mr Manasseh who is the editor-in-chief of The Ghana Report, these officials who serve in the country and works in various offices are even below the rank of Vice President but are able to gather more wealth in four years and also stressed that fortunately for them, they won’t die.

Reasons for his comment may be linked to critics’ long time accusations that the late former President have opened several foreign bank accounts, an allegation President Rawlings debunked several years back.

Some public officials below the rank of vice- president accumulate more wealth in four years that Rawlings accumulated in 19 years

He then added that

fortunately for them, they won’t die”

Mr Manasseh Azure Awuni is known for his controversial investigative and anti-corruption reports that have caused national uproar and also land some government officials in jail and some being relieved of their post.

Source: thepunchghana.com

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