President Mahama’s petition does not sit well with most of his party members.

Several reputable individuals have called on him to withdraw the case and fight on for 2024 but it seems the former President and his legal team is pressing on and on to win the case.

Contributing to the discussion via his Facebook page, Mr. Edward Bawa posted that if he had a chance to take decisions for the party, the case would have been withdrawn on Monday, February 22.

The Member of Parliament for Bongo feels that lead counsel Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata has done all he can to make a case for the NDC and Ghanaians are in a better position to judge for themselves.

In the 2013 Petition which challenged the results of the 2012 General Elections, there was a slim chance that the NPP could overturn the outcome of the results.

The same cannot be said about the 2021 Petition which is still ongoing as the NDC is yet to find any credible evidence which posits any irregular activities by the Electoral Commission (EC) or the incumbent NPP government.

For the moment, many Ghanaians feel the NDC wants sympathy from Ghanaians to be able to capture the seat of government in 2024.

Unlike 2013, the outcome of this petition seems clear, the case will be dismissed and NDC will have to go back and do things right in order to come back strong in 2024.



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