Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, Mr. Baffour-Awuah has caused hot air in the country as every discussion heard on radio and television centers on the 3 million jobs statistic he claims government has been able to create.

Weighing into a discussion which was highly monitored by THE PUNCH GHANA, Labour Consultant Mr. Austin Gamey speaking via Zoom on the JoyNews Channel reiterated that “As a country, we not collecting the right data on number of people who are employed and unemployed”.

Institutions (private and public) do not have the right statistics to help the government in planning the nation’s economy.

The labour department needs to take appropriate measures which will put pressure on primarily private businesses since it’s extremely informal to be able to get the specific number of people who are on their books so as to help determine through the number of registered voters (18+) who is retired and who is unemployed.

The consultant went on to add that “a lack of data is what is preventing Ghana to fully develop as without data, government cannot do any proper planning of the economy”.

NABCO has helped to an extent but as citizens what the consultant is pointing out is extremely important. If you do not know the number of people who are unemployed, how can you help solve that problem?

The labour department must be up and doing and must do everything in its capacity through appropriate programs to help reduce and gradually eradicate unemployment from the nations priorities year in year out.


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