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Trotro mate destroys lady’s expensive wig over 70 pesewas fare increment.

A passenger and Trotro mate have been captured on tape exchanging blows over a fare increment change of 70pesewas.

Following social media commentary, it’s obvious the incident happened at Lapaz in Greater Accra.

It’s just sad to see a guy fight so hard with a lady and end up destroying her expensive wig over just 70 pesewas which is less than 1ghc.

Don’t forget that just last week, someone lost his life due to the effects of 2ghc as a consequence of a violent altercation with a “trotro mate.”

This is because a few of the trotro mates have taken advantage of the present economic crisis in order to coerce customers into paying excessive rates.

So, let’s put an end to your squabbling with one another over peanuts as we’re all in these trying times together.

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