Former Minister of Communications and Minister Designate for Communications, Ursula Owusu when facing the Appointment Committee in Parliament made it known that it is extremely difficult for women to take up positions in government as politics in Ghana and the rest of the world is primarily dominated by men.

The Minister hit the hammer on the nail when she brought up the issue of fundraising (money). Any position every human being decides to aim for is centered on running campaigns which requires financial backing.

This places many women at the mercy of strong male figures that are resourceful enough to help people reach their dreams.

Unfortunately, most of these resourceful men may not be the angels they appear to be and more often than not make un-called for sexual advances which makes it difficult for women to move forward in the decision making space.

She went on to state that “the trend will be reversed if bodies and institutions address these challenges”.

There are more mothers running households than men presently. This means women are taking more decisions at home and this gives them hands-on experience with regards to making mistakes through decision making and endeavouring to learn from them.

Women have a lot to offer and if we are to go by the achievements of single mothers who can take care of more than four (4) to five (5) children using their own resources, women as natural caregivers and majority in terms of population can impact the country greatly and change the course of Ghana forever.



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