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LEGON SRC EXPOSED!! – The scandal no one is talking about.

LEGON SRC EXPOSED!! – We never gave our response about the reduction of fares, the Taxi driver reveals.



Recently, the SRC of the University of Ghana, Legon came out with some information. It declared that the fares for the taxis on campus would be reduced from 10 cedis to 8 cedis. This was the base price for rides around campus Consequently, the student body met the news with a lot of excitement since the fares are one of the main causes of the depletion of students’ funds. The SRC was lauded for a job well done and everyone was convinced that this administration was a working one. Interestingly enough, there were undercurrents brewing.University of Ghana, Legon.

The Scandal

Martin K.G Boakye
Current President of the SRC for the University of Ghana.

“The Punch Ghana” was informed that the fare for taxis on the University of Ghana, Legon campus had not been agreed to by the trade union of the Taxi drivers. According to our source, a taxi driver on campus who wishes to remain anonymous, the SRC held a meeting with the leaders of the drivers’ trade union. They asked for a reduction in the prices of the fares for the students. In actuality, this was in line with what they informed the students. However, the trade union leaders made a counteroffer. They stated that they wanted access to the New N Block campus area that they are denied access to on weekdays. Negotiations were still ongoing. Therefore, “When the SRC announced that there had been a reduction in the prices, we were all very surprised.”, he stated.

What could this mean for the students of the University of Ghana?

It is truly shocking to learn of this turn of events. We’ve heard of politicians doing anything to amass votes before but an SRC that misrepresents facts? Can we count on anyone at all at these times? In any case, let’s just look on.  We can only imagine what else His Excellency, Mr Martin Boakye and his administration have in store for us. In the meantime, find out more news on our website, The Punch Ghana. You might also want to comment on your own experiences with the drivers after this whole affair.

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