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The University of Ghana Business School’s vetting panel has finally released the results after a long-anticipated wait, shocking many and sparking a lively discussion due to the unexpectedness of some of the results. But let’s first introduce the hopefuls.

Regina Asamoah; General Secretary hopeful.


Fourteen different personalities availed themselves to serve the business school in six portfolios up for public voting, including President and Vice President (main campus), Vice President of City Campus, Financial Controller, General Secretary, Organizing Secretary, and Treasurer. This year, a total of eleven people were vetted, with at least two teams or people running against each other for each of the portfolios, except for the Treasurer Portfolio, where only one person is running unopposed.

The results and the aspirants

According to a communique released by the Office of the Electoral Commission, the vetting results are as follows:

Shadrack Kofi Ofori and Senanu Tetteh Akakpo were the favourites to win in the upcoming elections for the President and Vice President (Main Campus) portfolio, with an assessment score of 81%, routing Abraham Otitsuam and Hannah Awuyeh, who had a score of 72.94% after vetting. On the other hand, Tetteh Emmanuel Joe and Dominic Osei Bonsu had similar scores of 57.44% and 60.48% respectively for the Vice President City Campus portfolio. The financial controller position was also closely contested, with Theophilus Korley in a slight lead with a 56.66% assessment score. His opponent, Dankwa Kofi Asare trailed with a 53.19% assessment score.

TA Senanu and SK Ofori
Gabriel Nartey; Organizing secretary hopeful

For the General Secretary Position, Regina Asamoah led with an impressive 73.36% over her opponent Matilda Yeboah’s 36.79%. Also, Gabriel Nartey was another favourite to win the Organizing Secretary Position, coming in with a lead of 60.36%. His opponent Solomon Kumi Dukun had a 57.03% vetting score. Samuel Adu Opoku Jackson ran unopposed for the position of Treasurer with an interesting score of 37.08%.


Interestingly, BHJCR constitution rules state that aspirants who earn less than 70% during vetting will have to refile their nominations. This means that more than half of these esteemed individuals will have to refile their nominations and undergo vetting again. What are your thoughts on the results of these aspirants? Do you trust the Business school in the hands of these individuals? Let’s sit back and see what the future has in store for us. In the meantime, for more news like this, visit our website The Punch Ghana.

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