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Walgreens Near Me in New York 2022

Walgreens is an American company which is best known as the operator of the second largest pharmacy store in the United State. With it headquarters in the suburb of Chicago, was founded in the year 1901 in the US state of Chicago by Charles Rudolph Walgreen.

On the 31st of December 2014, The pharmacy became a subsidiary to a newly formed Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc after it merged with a Switzerland based company, Boots Alliance. The company retained its headquarters in Deerfield, Chicago with WBA symbol.

The search term Walgreens near me has become popular among millions who surf online for the best drugs store. Because of Walgreens pharmacy’s specialization in health and wellness products, prescriptions and others made it a destinations for those who search for Walgreens near me on google. They made it a destination for their best prescriptions and good drugs.

As of 2020, Walgreens pharmacy operates a total of 9,021 drugs stores all over the United States and few others located in Puerto Rico and the US virgin Islands.

With more than 225,000 employees, it boasts of more than 85,000 specialists such as pharmacists. Others include pharmacy technicians, nurses and some other health related professionals across the  United States.

The Punch Ghana learnt that each of the pharmacy across the United State is as big as approximately 13,500 square feet with approximately 10,500 square feet sales area and employees numbering to 22.

Walgreens Buffalo NY  has been gaining search traffic from google and some other search engines. This is because, Walgreens pharmacy has numerous drugstores all over US and therefore one has to search for the exact location near him or her. For that matter, The Punch Ghana after thorough research will bring to you the various Walgreens locations in New York in order to help those who have been searching the term Walgreens near me.

The pharmacy and its various locations in New York as of 2022

650 Delaware Ave
Buffalo, NY 14202
716 882 0232

One of Walgreens pharmacy in New York is located on the 650 Delaware Ave of Buffalo NY. Thousands of residents who may have little knowledge about the store’s location move to google to search for  Walgreens pharmacy near me related terms such as Walgreens buffalo NY. The location of the drugstore makes it more easier for people to their services within a shorter period.

Buffalo Walgreens provide services such as curbside and drive-thru or in store pickup and same day delivery. Walgreens buffalo NY pharmacy also provide pharmaceutical services such as medication compounding, disposal of prescription and HIV/AIDS support.

For those who searches for 24 hours Walgreens pharmacy near me, the store in Delaware opens everyday is available for 24 hours  to provide services to it customers. The pharmacy closes at 1:30 to 2AM for a meal break.  Also available at this are beauty cosmetics and makeovers.

However, there are some immunizations available at Walgreens pharmacy, buffalo NY. Few of the immunizations are flu, pneumonia, Tdap, TD or DT, Meningetis and shingles. Professionals on duty at the pharmacy administer the vaccines available. Restrictions relating to one’s health, State and age may apply.

If you reside around buffalo and surfing the internet for 24 hours pharmacy near me, Walgreens pharmacy buffalo should be your destination. Other  Walgreens pharmacy  buffalo can be located on the 3488 Main ST Buffalo, New York.

145 4TH AVE

New York, NY 10003

212 677 0214

This pharmacy store is located on the southeast corner of 4th avenue and also on the 14th street. Residents who live around the 145 4th Ave made this their choice for drugs and some other pharmacy related products. The store which opens at 8am and closes at 10 pm provides services to its customers such as curbside, in-store pickup and delivery.

The store offers free covid-19 testing to patients ages from 3 and above. When you have an insurance and you show your card, Walgreens may bill your insurer and you will never receive any bills from the Walgreens drugs store.

Its delivery service enables some of the customers to comfortably have access to their product while at home or work place. This is one main reason why I recommended the store to friends who I think needs their services, said one customer who made the pharmacy her destination. Thousands of people who search for Walgreens open near me make it a choice for their products.

298 1ST AVE

New York, NY 10009

212 777 0740

298 1st Avenue is also one of the  location Walgreens pharmacy in New York is located. The store is in the  southeast corner of 1st Ave and 18th street. The drugstore is the destination of thousands who live in its vicinity and others who searches for Walgreens near them or Walgreens pharmacy open near me.

The pharmacy at this location provides curbside, drive-thru, store pick-up and delivery to it customers all over. The delivery service which the Walgreens pharmacy offers makes it easier for some customers who may be occupied elsewhere to get whatever they wan without necessarily going to the store to pick up.

The store closes at 11pm everyday and opens at 7am everyday with over 116 years of experience and still innovating how prescriptions are filled The Walgreens store provides flavoring prescription service at a cost of $2.99 and it is available in all Walgreens pharmacies near me. They also provide other services like HIV/AIDS support and prescription disposal. Others include blood pressure testing and one which is the ‘Feel More Like You’ cancer service.

Thousands of people who searches for Walgreens near me and are living within the location of this store made the store their destination for getting the best drugs and also experiencing their good services. At this store, one can schedule an appointment or walk in for immunizations against Flu, pneumonia, Tdap and shingles among others. +1 (212) 777 0740 is the number you can reach this Walgreens pharmacy on.

931 1ST AVE

NEW YORK, NY 10022.

212 421 1046

This Walgreens pharmacy store is located on the southwest corner 1st street avenue and 51st street. The store opens at 7am and closes at 10pm everyday which makes it not to be a 24 hours Walgreens near me. At this store, there is in-store pickup, delivery and curb side pickup. It is the choice of residents living in vicinity as a result of its friendly services.

When searching for 24 hours drugs stores near me, Walgreens pharmacy is the best for the people close to it who want the best drugs and other related products they offer. The store also offer covid-19 testing for free and other services such as HIV/AIDS supports. When you live around the 931 1st avenue and want the best drugs store for your prescriptions and medications, this pharmacy should be your choice

2 Pennsylvania Plaza

10121, New York

212 760 8107

This Walgreens pharmacy is a 2-min walk from New York’s Madison Square Garden best known by thousands for its best prescriptions and medications. It is exactly located on the 7th avenue entrance in Pennsylvania station on the Amtrak level. It offers in-store shopping, in-store pickup and delivery services. This helps some customers to receive drugs at their comfort at home without having to go to the store.

The store which opens at 7am and closes at 11pm is the destination for people who want to have the best drugs for good medication and also to enjoy their friendly services. Many have also hail the store for its wheelchair-accessible entrance in order for those with disabilities to be able to access the Walgreens store for drugs and medications.

For your covid-19 testing at this store, you will have to book an appointment because walk-ins are not accepted as at the time The Punch Ghana is writing this article. If you live around this store and you want the best medications for yourself, it should be your final destination.


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