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White spots on nails ? Here is why

You’re not alone if you have white spots on your fingernails. White spots, often referred to as leukonychia, are a prevalent nail alteration. They’re so ubiquitous that there are a slew of stories regarding why they appear.Several of these beliefs are blatantly implausible. White spots, for example, do not indicate that you have lately told a lie or that you are soon to get a letter containing money. Other widespread ideas, such as those about vitamin shortages, are more accurate. Here are the genuine causes of white spots on people’s fingernails and maybe toenails as well.


The medical name for white nails is leukonychia. It is the most prevalent type of darkening of the nails.
Your nail is composed of dozens of keratin layers that are pushed together. These layers are usually translucent, allowing you to see the nail bed beneath. It explains why your nails are pink. Yet, if the keratin layers get detached, wounded, or damaged, air becomes trapped between them. As a result, the region appears white.

Nail Injury

The most prevalent cause of white patches on one’s nails is injury. Little white spots ┬ácaused by trauma or nail injury are more common than white bands. Nail trauma can be severe, such as jamming your finger in a car door. If the nail separates from the nail bed as a result of this sort of harm, the entire nail may turn white.
Little damage or injury to your nail, on the other hand, can result in white spots. Nail biting is a frequent behavior, however it is actually nail trauma. It is a leading cause of white patches on the nails.Trauma does not always have to be physical; it can simply be chemical. Some nail paints and synthetic nails can also generate white patches.

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Vitamin Deficiency

Leukonychia can be a sign of vitamin deficiencies. Calcium, and zinc deficiencies can make nails white. These deficiencies cause white nail bands, not just white spots. But in order to develop these nail changes you need to have severe vitamin deficiencies. These deficiencies are extremely rare, especially among people eating a typical U.S. diet. Studies show that people with white bands on their nails almost always have normal vitamin levels.

Fungal invasion

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Common source of white spots on fingernails is a nail infection. Onychomycosis, or nail fungus, occurs when fungus grows in between keratin tiers of the nail. Nail fungus eventually turns a nail brown or yellow. But, at first glance, it appears to be a white spot on the end of the fingernail. Nail fungus is most commonly found on toes, although it can also infect fingernails. Keep a close eye on your nails since early recognition and treatment of nail fungus can assist with preventing more substantial such as cracked or crumbling nails. If you’re suffering from a skin fungus condition, such as athlete’s foot or lice, and you discover new patches on your nail, consult your doctor about medication.

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