As the Ministerial Appointments take the seat of vetting in Ghana’s parliament, many citizens have started asking questions about the competencies of the representatives.

Ace journalist, Manasseh Azure posted on his Facebook page and boldly asked “If President Akuffo-Addo had a fishing company and needed someone to manage it, would he settle on Hawa Koomson?”

This comes after the Minister-Designate struggled in front of the Appointment Committee when asked questions about the nature of fishing in Ghana and the benefits it provides to the country. Honourable Koomson struggled when answering the questions.

Should members of a political party get positions in government just because they are members?

Or, should they get positions they are extremely knowledgeable about?

The Minister of Employment and Labour Relations couldn’t provide any evidence to back his claims of the NPP government creating 3.8 million jobs, should he be re-appointed and carry on without having any proper achievements to show for?

Citizens must continue to hold politicians accountable and ensure we play our parts in the development of the country.



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