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William Shatner’s space flight. All you need to know.

Second human space flight of Blue Origin has after embarking on a shot flight on space’s edge returned to earth Wednesday morning. William Shatner went into space at age 90, being the oldest man to ever embark on such mission for now.

William Shatner has become the oldest man to ever embark on space flight with total of four passengers on board and there was no pilot. “The covering of blue. This sheet, this blanket, this comforter that we have around. We think Oh, that’s blue sky” William Shatner was quoted as saying after returning to the earth surface.

Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin’s rocket system, New Shepard was launched around 9.50am CT from a launch site near Van Horn in Texas.  William Shatner was joined by Blue Origin employee and two customers who paid.

Also available at the New Shepard launch site was Amazon founder Jeff Bezos who doubles as Blue origin founder. Jeff bezos shook hands with the passengers as they aboard the new Shepard.
Blue origin first launched its first human space flight in July with Jeff bezos onboard with three others.

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