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You can “look and feel wonderful” with this two-minute facial massage technique.

An expert explained how facial yoga can help ladies remove years from their faces. With just a two-minute workout, big results are still attainable.Sculpting the face with your hands or a specific tool is known as facial yoga. For people who want natural anti-aging methods instead of cosmetic procedures, this is an option.

It would be worthwhile to attempt a free at-home method as some of these can be quite invasive and expensive.
The practice of face yoga or facial massage increases circulation and stimulates the creation of collagen. In addition, it can shape the face so that it seems more sculpted and chiseled without the use of cosmetics.

When the skin ages and loses elasticity, this will physically make a tremendous difference as the skin starts to sag. It’s crucial to apply sufficient pressure to the skin for it to have an effect while remaining painless. Use a skincare product, such as suncream, serum, or moisturiser, to finish the massage so your facial yoga tool—or fingers—can glide over your face smoothly. The creator of Face Yoga Method, Fumiko Takatsu, provided a straightforward, two-minute at-home facial yoga exercise.

Even those of us who are “busiest” can find two minutes to care for ourselves in order “to look and feel good,” she claimed. The forehead was the place that Fumiko first massaged in order to “raise up and smooth the area.”Then she added, “This also wakes you up and makes your eyes wide open.” Position your hands with the thumbs by the ears and the fingers over the forehead on either side of your face at the hairline.

She counseled ladies to relax their shoulders and open their chests. Pushing your hairline backward while counting down from 10 requires solid pressure. Repeat. For a youthful mouth area, Fumiko then demonstrated a facial yoga stance. She instructed women to make a smiley motion with their mouths. Try to touch the tip of your tongue to your nose by sticking out your tongue when the corners of your mouth are at the same level. Hold for three seconds.


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