Popular Ghanaian social critic who is based in the US, Kevin Ekow posted on his Facebook page that the NDC do not need a Deputy National Organizer.

Every political party has got deputies because tasks cannot always be carried out by a single individual.

Mr. Ekow’s statement practically looks like he is adding salt to injury and making fun of the NDC when all they are trying to do is to go through a judicial process and try to win the 2024 General Elections if 2020 was not successful.

He further went to state that “To me, that position is vacant. Its better you guys scrap it for now. #focus.”

Mr. Ekow’s stance on the issue is not wrong but every organization needs representatives (subordinates, supervisors) and there are many instances where natural causes (such as ill health) can make it difficult for people to function to their full capabilities.

Therefore, the party needs a deputy who can offer new insights and ideas as to how to capture the seat of government in 2024.

Source: thepunchghana.com



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